The golden rules of natural hair

Posted on July 12 2018

The golden rules of natural hair

these are the laws decreed by the elder naturals, passed down through the generations. they are absolute + must be followed, for the sake of thine curls

1) you must style on wet hair

 when it comes to natural hair care products, especially adwoa beauty, the ingredients in creams or gels are fully activated in the presence of water. the water increases the slip, helps the product evenly coat the strands, + helps prevent breakage. want to make those wash n go's pop? wet hair is the way to go.

2) you must deep condition

the heart + soul of a natural hair care regimen. you want moisture? you want strength? you want softness? then this is has got to be a part of your wash day. your kinks will thank you.

3) shrinkage and frizz are a part of life

if your hair is healthy then this will inevitably occur. curly hair curls. the springiness shows that our hair is full of life + still growing strong!  length is nice, but the spring is what makes our hair unique.

4) you must use less heat

blow drying or wearing straight styles are nice every now and then, but what you may get in a silk press is never worth sacrificing the health and growth of your kinks.

5) absolutely no sulfates


6) you must embrace your hair. you must listen to your hair

every kink has a different bounce + thou shall not covet thy neighbors texture! it's always important to understand that just because you follow a fellow natural's regimen, doesn't mean you'll get the same results. remember, health is always the goal!

7) treat your kinks with love and respect, + they will love you back!

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