black joy: limited edition hoodie sweatshirt

product details

our very soft "black joy is your right", black history month limited edition hoodie is the perfect statement piece, with our logo on the back.

"black joy is a celebratory representation of self-love and cultural pride.

related to the concept of black excellence, black joy foregrounds aspirational imagery that expresses the magic, wonder, and spirit of thriving while being unapologetically black. it is an outright refusal to endure societal discrimination and a colonized state of mind". via textures: the art and history of black hair 

black joy is grabbing onto a piece of freedom. it connects folks to one another, it gives back to the community, and it says "yes" when the world has said "no" time and time again. 

  • 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • wash cold inside out, tumble dry low
  • do not iron
  • fits true to size

100% of the net proceeds of this item will be donated to a charity that directly affects our community