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Hair Spotlight: 8 Snoop Dogg Looks We’ve Loved Throughout the Years

Posted on July 12 2018

Hair Spotlight: 8 Snoop Dogg Looks We’ve Loved Throughout the Years

oftentimes, we forget that our biggest style icons are those that have been in the game the longest, rather than those that are the newest. Whether it's people like andre 3000 and his iconic perm, queen missy elliot, or style icons like aaliyah, we sometimes overlook the freshest in the game. here, we're shining a spotlight by paying homage to none other than snoop dogg, the queen of healthy natural hair styles. here are eight snoop dogg looks we love here at adwoa beauty.

Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage

here, snoop rocks a picked out afro. can you tell his hair type here?

even snoop knows that protective styling is key, when done right. we love his neat, flawless cornrows here!


Taylor Hill / Getty Images
here, snoop has thick, luscious flat ironed curls. snoop knows that even when your hair is heat treated, it can still be shiny and healthy.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
can you believe snoop dogg invented smooth edges? look at how smooth his hair is here. we love the volume here too!



SGranitz/WireImage for BET Entertainment
auntie snoop is the queen of protective hair styles. even snoop's locs are defined here. could we have a hair regimen, please?

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment

last but not least, check out snoop's plaits here, with the beadies at the end. who would've thought your little sisters beaded hairstyle is inspired by none other than snoop dogg? we truly love a hair icon.


what do you think about these styles? do you have some go-to snoop hairstyles that you like to do as well? let us know!



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